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The Relationship Between Nutrition and the Birth Signs
What is the relationship between food and astrology? Through the study of neurology, we know that the brain holds mastery over the bodily implements, as well as the division of its functions through which its influence is manifested.
Also clear is knowledge of the intertwining of enormous influences of the solar system upon human mentality at birth and the activity of spirit within its our own solar sphere (via the solar plexus), thus connecting astrology and nutrition. The material sun, in governing constellations, likewise influences the human brain by means of radiations necessary to express the grand functions of each human spirit.
How the Sun Exerts Its Force Upon Human Mentality  
Abdrushin, bringer of the Grail Message, explained how “the radiations of the stars” situated below the Ethereal World (so-called beyond) “form the paths and channels through which all the living substance can penetrate in a more concentrated form to the human soul in order to become effective there ….”
We learn through astronomy that the Earth is held fast by the gravitational forces of the Sun. There is an annual course of Earth around the Sun — from the west to the east, as well as a simultaneous east to west revolution of the constellations around the Earth’s polar points. (It is from this study of planetary motion the book “Solar Mentalities and the Shaping of Character” took definite shape.)  
That the radiations of the stars penetrate to the soul, these radiations, precipitating in the emotions, do in turn penetrate to the physical cloak, in order to become effective there. For, as verified by science, movement begins with the lightest species above (e.g., atmospheric water vapour) and, continuing downward, ends with the heaviest and densest (rain or snow).
5Star Mind-Body Nutrition purports that the soul has sound waves, which are in harmony with keynotes of solar rays at birth.  At the time of incarnation (midway through pregnancy when the foetus begins to make its own blood), the sound waves of the soul attract and place the elements of its food thar are to form into organs and tissues. Through life, as long as these ethereal sounds are in harmony with the keynote of its archetype — the planetary sphere, the correct chemical elements we use to nourish our bodies will be properly digested and assimilated.  
Naturally, if we humans follow dietary laws exactly designed for us, which animals do instinctively, and which we can easily recognize if we only wish to do so, then health and wealth, joy and happiness are assured throughout life. We would have found that chord for our mental and physical development.
But if rather than improving the harmony we debase the sound waves of the soul through our wrong eating, wrong thinking and action, the tone and colour will vary from the prototype (at birth). This discord places the chemical elements of our foods in a manner incompatible with stellar lines and forces in the body. The discords of process and function in the body is what is known as dis-ease. Discord shows itself in the body as imperfect forming of body primary fluids based on temperament: blood (sanguine), lymph (melancholic), bile (choleric), and phlegm (phlegmatic); imperfect elimination of waste; accumulation of poisons in the system; and abnormal growth.
Yet, although disease is more or less clearly associated with diet, its real significance is rarely or never wholly associated with equally distinctive character and temperament — the basis of personality, and that a reverse and its recourse to astrology is the imperative. One can determine one’s quantity of characteristics of both mental and so-called physical life of those born when the Earth and other planets are in certain angles from the Sun; that is, in certain signs of the Zodiac.
In fact, the Zodiac was founded on the inundation of the River Nile which, to the Egyptian Gnostics, came ti deliver its bounty when the land was suffering from drought. Not the hocus-pocus speculation this royal art has become.
This is not to suggest that stellar laws are sufficient to make assumptions on disease processes or their reversal. Returning “bad karma” (the reaping of what you have sown from past life) do get woven into your body as psychosomatic disease, or at least the tendency to it. However, you also need to consider other implications, such as the nature of your thoughts, ground radiations, and much more, but paramount, the most favourably or unfavourably being the maturity of the soul.  Still, no matter how favourable are these conditions, much, if not all, rests upon the state of the nervous system, the organ of experiencing.
For instance, acid food chemicals tend to be alkaline forming, and vice-versa.  Formal force (Intellect) has to do with the abstraction of thought, which originates in the Spirit and not in the brain. A slightly alkaline state of the blood is optimum for this heightened passive activity.
This heightened passive (involuntary) activity is what happens under stressful situations, evoking reactions such as pain, rage and fright. The stimulation of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system triggers increased secretion of adrenocorticotrophic (adrenaline) hormone (ACTH) from the pituitary, followed by increased activity of the adrenal cortex. These changes constitute the pattern of response commonly known as the “fight or flight” reaction mechanism, which readies the body for a period of maximum activity. The increased oxygen consumption and expulsion of carbon dioxide (CO 2), causes the blood pH the become increasingly alkaline.
5Star Mind-Body Nutrition is a intertwining of stellar and chemical laws. A relationship that rest on hydrogen atom, the animating intelligence in the chemical process and function of blood pH and about 74% of the Sun’s mass, dispensing as the “Intelligence” of formal mind, offering a closer perception and realization of stellar laws.
You need not have any or little knowledge of the radiation of the stars, the explanations are straight forward enough. It breaks down the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients into twelve pH groups, analogous to the twelve zodiac signs. Showing how innumerable substances are linked together like small wheels in a great machine, and yet apparently working independently and reliably in the building up and maintenance of the human body. Much like a great chain, the links of which penetrates the entire body without a break.

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